About Us

JARdens was formed in 2013 by Jean and RoshanDsouza. The couple created a space for business to grow and sustain their existence.

JARdens is about perfection in imperfections, we create a space for the business to be abundant in their operations and have the space for increasing their profits with the product and/or service they deliver.

Jean Dsouza, worked as an Interior Designer for 10 years. Her designs are for homes and offices and she worked as a freelancer before joining into the business. She brings with her the texture and design for your digital needs and is instrumental in giving advice in business growth.

RoshanDSouza, worked in the operations of various corporate houses and maintained a recurring growth opportunity in the employment. In his career, he has been known as the person who can make things happen and so he does it in the business too.

Taking his career to the level of gratification, Roshan realised his potential with people and has been developing himself since. Starting with his certification as an NLP Practitioner in 2014, he is a certified hypnotherapist and also pursuing his masters in psychology.

Roshan believes that we are all gifted beings but we are not channeled to our potential because of various reasons. In accomplishing our objective of understanding the self, we are able to resolve the problems without making a difference to our emotional being. Thereby, attaining happiness at a different level.

Services Delivered

  • Business Operations

  • Marketing and Promotions

  • People and Management

  • Training and Guide

  • Community Providers